Bone Broth Bloody Mary cocktail

Bloody Mary cocktail in a glass

Turn up the flavour (and the heat if you can handle it) with our Bone Broth Bloody Mary cocktail recipe.

This recipe makes two Bone Broth Bloody Mary cocktails and uses Boosh Organic Beef Bone Broth to add a greater depth of flavour and some added nutritional goodness. Tweak the recipe to your taste by adding a little more, or a little less hot sauce. You could also leave out the vodka shot if you would prefer to try an alcohol free version.


Ice – enough to fill two glasses
100ml Tomato juice
100ml Boosh Organic Beef Bone Broth
A drop or two of hot sauce (to taste…)
A shot of vodka (optional)
Juice from half a lemon
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Pinch of black pepper
Your choice of garnishes – we used celery stalks, lime and coriander. But you could add lemon wedges, olives, jalapeño slices or even a slice of crispy bacon…


  1. Prepare your garnishes. Cook the bacon if using or cut your lemon or lime wedges and jalapeño slices.
  2. Fill two short glasses halfway up with ice.
  3. Measure the ingredients while adding to a shaker. Put a lid on the shaker and mix everything together by slowly tilting the shaker back and forth to prevent frothing.
  4. Pour half of the liquid into each glass over the ice (add a little more ice to each glass if not quite full) and finish by topping with your choice of garnishes.

Cheers and happy sipping!

All great things come to an end. And BOOSH is one of them.

Due to the difficulties of importing from Europe post Brexit and the ever increasing costs we are faced with, we have reluctantly decided to stop trading for the foreseeable future. The plan was always to move manufacturing to the UK. We are still looking for alternative solutions, yet there still remain many challenges abound.

We've loved creating Boosh bone broth and together we have succeeded in spreading around its benefits. Thank you for being part of this fantastic journey. Boosh bone broths will continue to be sold on Ocado (while stock lasts). 

Feel everyday wonderful. ️Love from the Boosh Foods team x