Eating with the seasons – enjoy June and July

Find out how to truly enjoy the fresh ingredients available in June and July with the latest ‘Eating with the seasons’ article!

Each month we’re encouraging you to enjoy eating with the seasons by making the most of the brilliant British produce on offer, with a roundup of ingredients to use and meals to make.

Not only will you appreciate the ingredients more, but seasonal eating can also be better for your health and the environment, easier on your wallet and most importantly it tends to taste better too!

So, what wonderful ingredients and meals can we enjoy in June and July?

It seems, just like that it’s June already and the start of the summer! We are ready to welcome lots of fresh and flavourful ingredients, starting with…


These beauties started to come into season at the end of June and are at their best from now until September. Whilst we harvest them when they’re still immature at 15-25 cm, if left to their own devices they can reach up to a metre in length!

Part of the same family as squashes and cucumbers, these cucurbits are most commonly dark green but white and yellow varieties can also be found.

Enjoy them in a courgette and chicken risotto with Boosh Organic Chicken Bone Broth used as the stock. Or try them baked and stuffed with this recipe which uses Boosh Organic Beef Bone Broth. And, don’t forget that their flowers are also edible. They are an absolute treat to eat when deep-fried and stuffed with cheese and herbs…


In season from now until September, brilliant British tomatoes are ripe and ready for eating.

Not a lot compares to the taste of a juicy ripe tomato. But, with plenty of varieties to choose from, make sure you pick the right type of tomato for your dish. Cherry and plum tomatoes work well in sauces for spaghetti bolognese. Or, if you fancy a tipple, why not make a Bone Broth Bloody Mary with the juice of fresh beefsteak or salad tomatoes?

Broad beans

These protein packed legumes are at their peak from the end of June through to mid-September. Pod them before using and you’ll have bright green beans to add a pop of colour and sweetness to your dishes. Not to mention numerous essential nutrients in high content (20% or more of the daily value), B vitamins, dietary minerals including manganese and phosphorus and plenty of protein (raw mature beans are 26% protein).

Enjoy them this month in a Thai Green Chicken Curry – click here for our recipe which uses Boosh Chilli & Lemongrass Organic Chicken Bone Broth and another of July’s in season ingredients, courgette.

What will you enjoy eating in June and July?

All great things come to an end. And BOOSH is one of them.

Due to the difficulties of importing from Europe post Brexit and the ever increasing costs we are faced with, we have reluctantly decided to stop trading for the foreseeable future. The plan was always to move manufacturing to the UK. We are still looking for alternative solutions, yet there still remain many challenges abound.

We've loved creating Boosh bone broth and together we have succeeded in spreading around its benefits. Thank you for being part of this fantastic journey. Boosh bone broths will continue to be sold on Ocado (while stock lasts). 

Feel everyday wonderful. ️Love from the Boosh Foods team x